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“ Thoughtful, fun
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Sharing intimate reflections, probing questions and cultivating a beginner’s mind invites you on a journey of agency and meaningful connection.

Mining the creative passions, quandaries, and personal stories of people around us inspires a heightened sense of agency and possibility.

A letter to you

Dear Listeners,
Friends say that I live my life out loud -and indeed I am a curious, adventurous person – mostly because I have always loved to share things that have grabbed my attention and interest. So, think of Dear Constance as an invitation into my fun, multi-faceted world.

A friendly Midwesterner, I grew up in St. Louis and ended up living in Europe for 20+ years, where I worked in the upper echelon of luxury fashion. Exciting times! My move to New York City came quite late. Here, I reinvented myself and realized a life-long dream to become an entrepreneur. I built a successful international executive search business, Scout Talent, serving clients the likes of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Then after losing my beloved parents and sister over a brief period, I walked away from it all.

What started out as a sabbatical became a long journey back home – to myself – a protracted period of grieving, introspection, and rewiring my operating system. Re-energized by travel, courses, philanthropy, and time with family and friends, I began to nurture my dormant creative seedlings. The first blossom is my podcast, Dear Constance...
Dear Constance is an offering from my heart to yours. It’s a creative endeavor to which I bring my whole self - unscripted, unfiltered, and unapologetically vulnerable. I speak extemporaneously and share whatever grabs my attention or inspires me. Subjects range from thoughts on what to do when life tests us and reclaiming lost dreams to fodder from my life and snippets from conversations with my awesome, interesting friends. The best way to describe my work with Dear Constance is simply this: it is my life out loud.

Super short episodes of Dear Constance come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on all podcast platforms and www.dearconstance.com

I am delighted you’re here!

From my heart to yours, Constance
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From My Heart
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snippets + tidbits that grabbed my attention

I love to share what inspires me or sparks my interest. It can be anything from quotes, street signs and what I’m hearing to cultural events and what I’m reading or listening to.

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“Speaking with Constance helped me to see myself  – and my experience –with fresh perspective.  I got great clarity and completely shifted gears. She totally got it. The experience fully re-energized me.”

Jim Conley – Senior Executive
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