Ep 1 Confusing Artistry and Creativity

January 2, 2023

I just got off from a long, fun morning chat with my pal Kathe. We were talking about an experience that I had at a summer camp for adults in upstate New York called The Good Life Project. It was created by Jonathan Field and his lovely wife Stephanie. You may have heard of the podcast, the Good Life Project. We gathered for a long weekend, and we listened to speakers that were inspirational or business related. We had creative classes that were around painting, tie dye and writing. You could create your own menu of experiences based on what you needed in the moment.

Somewhere in there I came to the realization that – for my entire life – I had been confusing the word creativity with artistry. I also realized that I wanted to experiment a bit more with my own creativity because people always say to me “you’re so creative”, yet it always landed flat with me. So I decided to sign up for a mala making class – you know, mala prayer beads. I walked into this beautiful glass room in the middle of the woods. All of the beads were set out, and this wonderful gal was teaching us how to go about making the mala necklaces. This is really embarrassing, but I was so overwhelmed with this idea that I had to do it just right – trying to get it beautiful – that I went to a corner and sat down and cried. I can laugh about it now, but it wasn’t funny at the time. It was extremely triggering and, needless to say, I left the class without my mala necklace.

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