Ep 155 Fears Take Different Forms

December 27, 2023

Good morning from Milano. I hope that by now you are settled as I am into the year-end ease. I’ve always loved the last week of December and the first week of January because It’s always been a time of year when I do things a little bit differently.  I stay up later than usual I sleep in later than usual. I’m more open to spontaneity, and it seems that there’s always something serendipitous that happens during that period. Then, as the days pass, I settle into closing out the year, administratively and emotionally, and I start thinking about the new year.

I’m loving that it’s only December 27th, and that I have all these days ahead of me to find my groove. You may have noticed that I did not open with it’s Wednesday, and Wednesdays we ask questions. That’s because, personally, I’m a little bit tired of it. I invented that segment because I thought it would be a way to make recording while I’m on the road a little bit easier. In fact, it has done so, but I’m ready to let it go for right now.

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