Ep 36 Ending Commitments, Breaking Promises

March 24, 2023

Good morning to you from New York City. I say those words, good morning from New York City for two reasons. One is because I love hearing from listeners and learning where you’re tuning in from. I got a message yesterday from a woman in Minneapolis. I have no idea who she is or how she found me, but it was great to get that message. I’d love to hear from any of you on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, wherever. DM me and let me know where you’re listening in. And I say good morning because I’m a morning bird. I’ve always been a person who wakes up early and does their best work in the morning. I always record these shows first thing in the morning.

I was just thinking about knowing when to stop because I was talking to my friend Fritz the other night. Fritz is the husband of my college roommate, Lisa. They’re my oldest New York City friends. I’m lucky to be invited to their home for Sunday supper quite frequently. Over drinks before dinner, Fritz was telling me how great and freeing it was to stop doing something he had done for almost 20 years. He’s the head usher at their church. He was telling me that it was something that his father always did. So, it’s a family tradition, and something he took a lot of pride in and dedicated himself to it for many, many years.

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