Ep 41 Crafting Clear Sound Bites

April 5, 2023

Hello. Hello, good morning from New York City. I’m having this back and forth right now with one of my friends about how he speaks to his professional expertise and knowledge. He does a whole lot of explaining about what he does, and I sort of called him on it. I said “can you just tell me in five sentences or less what you do? Give me those two or three things I can repeat about you?” Granted he is a person with a wealth of experience, multi-talented, multi-passionate, multi-dimensional. Yet, in his effort to explain what he can do, I believe he’s missing an opportunity to give sound bites which clearly articulate some aspect of what he does that a person can grasp and repeat, or convey to someone when they want to make an introduction.

This makes me think of that past episode I did about how outdated the question is ‘what do you do?’ Oh my gosh, I know so many people that are multi-dimensional and multi-talented. I’m doing what’s called a bootcamp this week. It’s when someone who produces online courses and classes invites you into their world for several hours to give you a sense of what they teach and their vibe, and they share some of their best material. I do these quite frequently because I learn a lot and I don’t necessarily have to take a whole course. That’s how I learned podcasting. I did an online bootcamp for four days, decided that it really was for me and joined the course.

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