Ep 71 Seen. Heard. Acknowledged.

June 14, 2023

Good morning from New York City this morning. I am thinking about the word acknowledgement and there are a couple reasons for it. I think one is related to the story I told on Monday about having received rejection letters on my job search and how good it felt to feel like I’ve been making progress. Because I was acknowledged, even though it was a rejection, it felt good.

Anyway, I was sitting down in the lobby of my building waiting for a friend to come pick me up to go to the theater the other day. It was me and my favorite doorman ,Moe. I was sitting on the bench and a family walked through. It was the mother and father around my age, and I think three adults. After they walked out the door, Moe rolled his eyes at me. I know very well that eyerolling is a very important sign of disdain, and Moe is a very discreet and a professional, proper guy, right? I know him well and I know he trusts me. But he’s the kind of guy that doesn’t cross a certain line, even while he and I have a very trusting, friendly relationship. So, I said to him, so who are those people? What floor are they on, just to open the conversation. He ended up telling me that these people come in and out of the building and never say hello to him or acknowledge him in any way. It was astonishing. He got all heated up and said to me, I can be standing here completely alone. It’s just them and me, and they never say hello or goodbye or thank you.

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