S2EP01 Kept Promises

January 1, 2024

Good morning from Milano. Happy New Year and welcome to Season 2 of Dear Constance. Sheesh, I’ve been waiting so long to say those words. There was just something about getting to the end of 2023 and being able to say that I kept that promise to myself.

I guess the promise was that once I decided that I was feeling this genre – this way of self-expression, this way to forge the path to finding my voice – that I was really going to stick it out. Stick with the program to deliver three times a week, every week, no matter what. So that was the promise that I made and kept for myself. It has been a deeply personal thing for me. While many people have said, who’s going to notice or really care that you didn’t drop the episode, the answer all along has been  I do.

When I set out on this endeavor, the story I was telling myself (by the way, it’s one that has proven to be important) was that I wanted to think of the podcast as creative self expression, I wanted to bring a beginner’s mind, and I wanted to be unapologetically myself. That included being raw and vulnerable at time. Sometimes being nonlinear or having more than one apparently incongruent idea. In other words, it was all about getting it out there and, rather than say finding my voice, I’d say allowing my voice to emerge.

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dear Listeners,

Friends say I live my life out loud. That’s because I’m a curious, adventurous person and, as an appreciator, I simply love to share what lights me up. Consider this is your invitation into my fun, multi-faceted world.

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