S2Ep44 Unlocking Perspective

April 30, 2024

Good morning from New York City. She’s back! I want to start by apologizing for my lack of consistency, and I want to say this. I’m very committed to Dear Constance. If you happen to be stumbling upon this for the first time in a while, or maybe you’re a first-time listener, I was transitioning from a six month stint outside of New York City.  I lost my way in there a little bit, lacking the focus and inspiration that I was needing. I’ve since decided to take the podcast to two times a week, but I haven’t been clear on which days. So, all this preamble to say I apologize. I’m still here. I’m still very committed. I haven’t figured out the second day of the week. I’ll be doing it Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tuesdays and Fridays. I’m not quite sure, but I am here. In fact, I made a large investment in equipment. I’m going to be doing more conversations with friends. I simply need to find my way again.

What I haven’t shared yet is that over the last two weeks I have started a new project. A work project. So, my life got completely turned upside down. Again by way of background, if you happen to be here for the first time in a while or you’re a new listener, I came back from my six month stint away with his rather bold declaration that I was ready for a third act. But what I didn’t know was that things would move very, very quickly. Anyway, I’m not ready to get into that and to share exactly what I’m doing. I’m not trying to be mysterious, but it does feel very personal, and I am yet feeling my way forward.

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