Ep 9 Who Needs Me ?

January 20, 2023

So I’m a huge morning person,. I usually get out of bed right away, or I used to get out of bed right away and now what I say is, Hey, Google, what time is it? And I make a decision if I’m going to get up or go back to sleep. This morning I misunderstood. It was actually 4:30 not 6:30. Anyway, over the past year or two, I have trained myself to lie in bed when I wake up because it’s such a juicy time when you’re in the liminal space between two worlds. As David Whyte, the poet and philosopher talks about, you’re between the dream world and the waking world, and that is when a lot of interesting insights and things come into your mind. So, I’ve trained myself to stay still and stay in bed for a few minutes before I get up, and this morning something popped into my head. It was based on a recording I did.

I was thinking about the questions I asked when I was interviewing people as an executive recruiter, and one of those questions that was really helpful was, what are your filters? I was trying to bring the locus of control back to the person being interviewed because the interviewing and job search in general is such a fraught time for most people. It makes them feel out of control, so it kind of brings the locus of control back to them. What do you want? It helped them get clear on why they were changing jobs, what they were looking for, and therefore what filters they would be using to evaluate future opportunities.

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