Episode 129 Ask And You Shall Receive

October 27, 2023

Good morning from Mexico City. What’s on my mind this morning is the conversational nature of the universe. I don’t want to belabor that point, but obviously I’m in a period of my life when I’m asking a lot of questions. I’m working to be as open and aware and alert as possible. That’s clearly something that’s important to me right now.

Anyway, fast forward to what I want to talk about today and it’s this. One of the questions I wrote down for myself recently was something like where can I go next ? Where I can be inspired, rest and work, be in nature and play pickleball? That’s what’s feeling important to me right now.

Fast forward, I’m on the phone with my bestie, Marion, and I’m telling her about my friend, Pia. Pia is someone I met at Good Life Project, the adult summer camp I used to go to in upstate New York. We weren’t friends there, but we kept in contact here and there through social media. Once I started Dear Constance, Pia is one of those generous, kind people who occasionally sends me a beautiful message telling me what resonated with her.

Anyway, we got together in New York about a month ago for coffee. She’s been incredibly kind, and I got to see her twice here in Mexico City. She invited me to her home. She took me around the city one day. We’ve had fun reconnecting here on her turf. Anyway, I’m talking to my friend Marion on the phone, and she asks me, who’s Pia? I was telling Marion about my fun afternoon with Pia, her beautiful apartment, and somewhere in there I sprinkled in these words, but she’s not someone I would ever stay with or anything like that. She’s a newish friend .

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dear Listeners,

Friends say I live my life out loud. That’s because I’m a curious, adventurous person and, as an appreciator, I simply love to share what lights me up. Consider this is your invitation into my fun, multi-faceted world.

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